Anne Redmond,LCPC

Restoring the Self

Coping with Life Transitions

Serious/Chronic Illness

Medical Advocacy

Aging Parent Caregiver or Estate Duties 

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Charles Beard

Learning that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness can be shattering news. Navigating medical treatments along with work and other demands creates intense stress and threatens your own peace and health.

Sometimes our loved ones health does not improve and we are met with adjusting to a parent's aging and health decline. Most of the time, there are not detailed advance planning and a son or daughter is left to handle this crisis alone. 

Dealing with relatives' estate or executor responsibilities can create another complicated and sometimes prolonged life transition. Not only are these responsibilities demanding and often overwhelming, they can often stress other family relationships.

I can help you adjust to these new roles and offer problem solving and stress reduction techniques to help you reduce the isolation and anxiety inherent in these life transitions. Counseling can help you regain a sense of inner confidence when you need to rely on yourself the most.